5 Proven Steps to Attract More Clients Using “Immersive Marketing” on Social Media.

Dear Realtor,

If you’d like to radically transform the way you do business in 2018 that can lead to your business doubling or even tripling revenue this year, in the most authentic and natural way possible without wasting weekend’s in empty open houses or

having to chase new clients …then this is going to the most important article you EVER read!

Here’s why:

During the last 4 years, I have been testing and optimizing the new world marketing trends known as Sales Funnels.

A Sales Funnel is a predictable process to turn a cold lead into a loyal buyer.

The best part is that 80% of the sales process is automated, which provides minimal cost and maximum ROI.

Using a sales funnel allows your business to speak the right message, to the right audience, with the right offer.

In a minute, I’m going to break down a 5-step system you can start implementing on social media platforms TODAY and proactively help sales come effortlessly into your business.


The majority of Realtors® are not up to date with today’s technology, according to National Association of Realtors:

“48 percent of all firms cited keeping up with technology as one of the biggest challenges facing their firm in the next two years.

For commercial firms this decreases to 43 percent, whereas 51 percent of firms with three or more offices cite keeping up with technology as a challenge”

Don’t worry I am here to solve this problem for you when you read this whole post.

I want to be clear on whom will benefit the most from this information:

• Brokers with more than 10 agents.
• Agents w/ average home listings above $300k.
• Agents/Brokers Who Are Not Afraid to Use Technology
• Agents/Brokers with Are Actively Using Paid Marketing Daily


In my experience, these are the traits from speaking with and interviewing top tier agents that understands there’s more to real estate sales than making a great living.

It’s about helping a family, couple, young professional make the best decision for his/her future and making the process enjoyable and effortless.


Now let’s dig into the 5-steps that can totally transform your business.

Here is how to create the predictable process for selling a $300,000+ home with ease and speed.

You will discover how to stand out from the ocean of agents and be recognized, even sought, as the go – to authority for luxury listings, making sales more lucrative and with less effort, no matter where you are starting today.


So, let’s begin by reviewing a couple problem/concerns w/ traditional real estate marketing.

• Buyers and Sellers Have Options – It can be hard to stand out…
• Paying ridiculous zip code fees to websites like Zillow – only to be placed right next to the competition
• Door knocking is not scalable and takes away alot of personal time for a “maybe”
• Hard to break into Luxury Buyers & Sellers without a referral – unless you have a USP
• Print Media Is Not Trackable and Costly – New media is cheaper and gets better ROI
• Social Media has changed the way people network and connect
• Not knowing the immediate ROI on Marketing Spend is a big fear of most Realtors®

The 5 steps will eliminate these concerns with Immersive Marketing on Social Media.

You will have complete confidence you can effortlessly attract your ideal clientele when you finish reading this report.

Step #1: Serve the Biggest Audience First.

In Eugene Schwartz’s classic book Breakthrough Advertising (regarded as a MUST READ for every business), he breaks down 3 types of leads.

Cold – Unaware: No interest in your product or service

Warm – Problem Aware/ Solution Unaware: Interested in product or service but not sure who to buy from

Hot – Problem/Solution Aware: Ready to Buy Now.

Often, Realtors® limit their target clientele as “warm to hot”, which means they already know the amazing benefits your service provides to them as a Realtor®.

This is a huge mistake!!

Ever wonder how that one office got the reputation for having buyers and sellers flock to use them?

The office provided the proper service to the customers and proper positioning with their marketing over time by finding the cold leads and being there to handle the whole buying/selling process into a hot lead.

In Dan Kennedy’s book, No B.S. Direct Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses, he talks about the buying process from the initial thought of a prospect of buying to the act of purchasing.

Example: Robert just found out the wonderful news he will be a dad. He immediately gets the thought, “Do we need a bigger home?” Then he comes across your marketing showing him how to evaluate listings and a recommendation to preferred lenders, and before long, you are congratulating them on their wonderful new family home they purchased using your services!

Your Immersive Marketing Funnel took the initial idea he had to move and showed him what it would take to sell their current home and the options he has for buying a better fitting home for their changing needs in a step by step method!

Do this and you will have an endless supply of listings and consisting closings.

You took a cold lead just barely thinking about buying or selling, maybe even not at all.

You showed them the problem, renting vs owning, and how renting is costing them more and they are getting less “home” when they could own and it cost them less!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Tommy, I already know that, but I just can’t get cold leads, like a renter, to listen to me.”


Let’s say there is a luxury apartment complex, which you know has a few growing families in it that could afford a home, and you want to be on their mind when it’s time for them to make the switch from renting to owning.

Do you believe if you went to an apartment complex and knocked on every door with a general message of, “Did you know you can own for less than your current lease?” that you would not end up with a new client?

Now, of the 500 apartments, you would get your share of slammed doors, a few curse words, and some funny looks. However, you would also get listings and sales, because some doors you knocked on where not cold leads.

They have been doing research on buying and knew they could probably own a home but just not sure what the next step would be…. this would be a warm lead that is problem aware but not solution aware.

Your knock and conversation could convert them from warm to HOT.

That’s the benefit of thinking big audience, cold to hot, vs only serving hot (smallest) audience.

When your marketing is focused at targeting a large cold audience, some will already be warmed up, and a portion will be piping hot, just looking for someone to close the house for them.


Only focusing on hot leads, which make up 3% of your buying audience (google Chet Holmes’s “buyer’s pyramid”).

OK now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room….

“Tommy, knocking on all those doors would-be time consuming, depressing, and I might even get the cops called on me. That’s if the luxury apartment complex doesn’t have a gate that prevents me from even getting a chance to knock!”

100% Agree.

That’s why we send out flyers, right? To poke in and say, “Hey, can I help?”

Let me ask you this…

Do you have tracking on those flyers?

Do you know who read them, who visited your website, who looked at your listings, where your hottest leads are coming from?

Probably not.

You could automate the whole cold lead education process to connect with technology. (don’t worry most agents have no idea this technology exists or if they do, aren’t sure how to use it properly)

In today’s world of automation and technology you can setup a system that prospects for you 24 hours a day at measly cost of only $0.20/hour, leaving you 100% free to be serving your hot leads.

Sounds crazy, I know.

But stick with me, because on Step 4, I’ll show you how.

Now, in Step #2, we will convert these leads from cold to hot with a “FREEBIE.”

Step #2: Create an Irresistible Offer

We all love freebies, especially ones that make our lives a little easier.

Creating a non-lame, problem solving, real value offer to your audience will enhance your exposure and create a great first impression to your target audience, especially cold leads, who know nothing about you or what you offer, because you are leading with value first.

Eventually, the cold leads will become warm leads by submitting their contact info in exchange for valuable information you offer.

Your Gift could be a simple report on “How To _____” [like this article].

Here are some ideas of reports you could create:

How To…..

• Price Your Home to Sell. …
• Obtain a Flat Fee Listing on the MLS. …
• Market Your Property. …
• Hold an Open House. …
• Know Your Property’s Selling Points. …
• Prepare to Show Your House. …
• Show Your House. …
• Perform Your Own Negotiations.

If you made a report for each of these topics you’re basically interviewing for your position as their Realtor® by showing them you know how to buy and sell homes…..quick n easy…

Positioning you as an authority, because most Realtors® don’t take the time to educate their clients at this level and through an automated system that allows the client to do learn more about your services without having to meet up at a coffee shop for a “maybe”.

Your ideal customer will jump at the opportunity to claim your informative offer, but you need to value your time and be able to follow up with your interested prospect with limited access until contact information is exchanged.

You can systemize this process with a landing page, which is a simple website where emails are collected and stored as Leads, and mark the official turning point of a Cold to Warm lead.

TommyGTip: Create instant Cold-to-Hot Lead Conversion by having an “offer intensifier” on the thank you page to encourage the Lead to “act now.”


For a Realtor®, you can make a “7 Must Do’s Before Selling Your Home” report to give away and then on the thank you page offer a complimentary market analysis to allow the lead to know exactly what their home is worth, based on market comps and have a calendar to book an appointment with you.

Like fresh fruit, leads will rotten fast if they are not nurtured and cared for properly.

Which brings us to the next step.  The Immersive Marketing Funnel.

Step #3: Design an Immersive Marketing Funnel

Now that we have a compelling offer, we have to set up a way to trade our offer for emails to follow up with them, so they can become a buyer. FAST.

This is known as an Immersive Marketing Funnel, and it is the framework your automated business will implement to move Cold Leads to Loyal Buyers, without you having to go door knocking on all the homes in your area looking for qualified leads.

It was not always cost effective for a local business to have a sales funnel due to the cost, time, and the ongoing maintenance required to create an optimized Immersive Marketing Funnel.

However, advances in technology, software, and the BOOM of social media has made it possible to leverage this proven automated client acquisition process.

I use Click Funnels as a tool for this, because their templates convert well and do not take long to create and implement.

The Essential Pillars to build an Immersive Marketing Funnel would include:

Landing Page [Enticing offer that solves an immediate problem] ● Thank You Page [Claim their gift and Intensify the Offer to act now!] ● Sales Page. [All the information the customer must purchase/schedule meeting w/ your business]

After the Immersive Marketing Funnel is built and optimized, we can then LAUNCH THE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING!

(BONUS: Here is a link for a Free 14-day trial to Clickfunnels to build your first funnel).

Step #4: Leverage Pixel Power to Segment Your Target Audience

Now, let’s talk about posting, sharing, liking, and commenting on social media.

1st you should have a business Facebook™ page to do ALL your Real Estate posting. I’ll explain why in a minute.

The goal of your Social Media Content is get your target audience to take the next desired step in the journey from cold customer to loyal buyer.

To do this, we must adjust our marketing to their current situation.

We recognize our target customer as a Cold, Warm, or Hot Lead.

This used to be difficult task that required testing and HUGE advertising spend, only to get a general idea of who is interested in buying or selling.

But today, we have the Pixel.

The Facebook™ Pixel is code placed on ALL your digital real estate (websites) to track and leverage for strategic targeting.


A customer that has never visited your website (cold lead) should have a different message than someone who has visited your property listing page (hot lead).

Imagine a hot lead checking out your luxury $500,000 listing webpage, spent 5-10 minutes taking a 3D virtual tour of the amazing home.

They love the kitchen!

You had all the details embedded in the tours about what was added and what is original to the home, keeping its rustic character intact.

Then, life happens and the leads must stop browsing, but the home left them feeling “I like that home.”

Later that day, as they are scrolling Facebook™ (like everyone else), your Facebook™ page pops up in their newsfeed with a message:

“Hey, I found ya!

I noticed you were checking out my listing “123 main st” and wanted to let you know I’m happy to answer your questions directly. Just hit the –send message- button and we will be chatting in no time.”

(Image of the home or video of the 3D tour)

Powerful, huh?

That is what the Pixel can do for your business.

No need to be door knocking, looking for leads. You can simply target “Likely to Move” on Facebook™ (yes FB™ has that ability).

And no need to call leads to see IF they saw your listing.

You can simply retarget your warm and hot leads and direct them to the next step in the buying/selling process.

Basically, your personal Facebook™ Pixel is like a relentless employee working for you 24/7.

You need only to manage the Pixel to tell it exactly what you want the Pixel to do and how to do it.

You do have a Facebook™ Pixel installed on your website, right?

Oh…you’re not sure…ok no problem.

If your website has a Pixel installed then it has been tracking all your web traffic and social media engagement for your business over the last 3, 6, 12 months of business.

Here is how you can check:

[Insert quick video]

Do a Google search for “Facebook™ Pixel Helper” (it’s in the chrome store);

Install the Facebook™ Pixel Helper for your chrome web browser.

Once installed, just click the new “Pixel Helper” icon on your browser, which will reveal any Facebook™ Pixel on your website.

Once your personal Facebook™ Pixel code is installed on all your digital assets, it is safe to post regular intervals between fun/informative post and mix in strong call-to-action with your marketing funnel.

To know if our marketing is working, we need to know our numbers

Step #5: Crunch Your Numbers

Now that our Immersive Funnel is live, we need to let the marketplace tell us if we did a good job finding the right audience to give the right offer with the right method.

We did this by…..

Serving the Biggest Audience First. – Step 1

Creating an Irresistible Offer- Step 2

Building an Immersive Marketing Funnel- Step 3

Leveraging Pixel Power to Segment Our Customers – Step 4

How can we make sure our efforts produce a positive ROI?

Your marketing will never cost you a penny if your LTV is greater than COA.

LTV= Life Time Value of Customer
COA= Cost of Acquiring New Customer

Realtor Example:

Sally, a Realtor in New Orleans, LA, has an average listing price of $300,000.

On the low end, she makes 3% per sale – $9,000.

Sally knows that, if she spends less than $9,000 to sell the home, she will turn a profit.

“But Tommy, I only sell 1 house every few months!”

Well, can we dive into why?….

Are you not connecting with prospects daily?

Are you not educating the people to be buying a house – THIS MONTH – on the best offers in the area?

Are you not showing your amazing listing sitting on the market for 8 months to as many people as possible?

It’s a fact that people are constantly buying and selling property, in your area, everyday….every month….

So, ask yourself, why are they not choosing to do business with you?

Or a better question….

Are you giving them a reason to do business with you?

The more people you are seeing and claiming your special informational content, the more potential clients are ascending into a buyer’s relationship with your business.

Being easy to find (on their Facebook™ newsfeed) and having a high value – low cost way to connect w/ you helps to bring in more leads to climb your value ladder, and as they receive more value, your business receives more revenue.

Now, this all might seem exhausting, right?

Constantly marketing and being out there shouting, “I WANT TO BE YOUR REALTOR®!”

But that’s not what you should do…..

Its 2018!

We have Facebook™.

We have Instagram™.

We have Clickfunnels.

We have FREAKIN’ 3D Virtual Tours!

So, thanks to the internet, Immersive Marketing allows you to put all these amazing tools together to create a “set and nearly forget” system to attract leads daily.

Plus, it’s scalable because you can’t overwork technology like you can Uncle Leroy.

With a complete Immersive Marketing system in place, imagine cutting back and “working” less than ever, yet still having more branded real estate leads than ever before!

Allowing for more time to hang out with your spouse and kids all day, and you have leads rolling in for days, which means more listings and more closings.

More than you could ever handle…..

You get to cherry pick dream clients and refer tire kickers, time wasters, looky-loos, know-it-alls, and high maintenance headaches to other realtors.

For a fee, of course. (Wink.)

To get you started, here are tips to learn more about creating a Immersive Marketing Sales Funnel.

• Take all the Facebook™ Blueprint Certifications Courses you can – Because it keeps you up to date with latest Facebook™ terms and conditions.
• Study your area and know what your target audience wants.
• Ask your past clients what they liked most about your services as their Realtor® and where they feel you could improve.
• Learn how to connect your landing pages to thank you pages and build eye popping sales pages for your listings — this will take time to master – I’ve built over a 1,000 pages so far and still learning new strategies and tactics every day.
• Read Read Read – Stay current on proven marketing methods and upto date on new technology advancements.

“Tommy, what books do you recommend?”

I gotcha covered!

Here are a few highly-recommended books (I get asked all the time for recommendations)

1. Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson
2. No BS Guide to Direct Response by Dan Kennedy
3. Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition- Jay Abraham
4. The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
5. Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
6. Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

18 additional Mind-bending Books:

1. Triggers- 30 sales tools you can use to control the mind of your prospect to motivate, influence and persuade By Joseph Sugarman

2. The Million Dollar Day- Proven 24 hour blueprint reinvents your future with radical productivity, profits and peace of mind by Mark Hoverson

3. NO BS Guide to Marketing to the Affluent by Dan Kennedy

4. Ultimate Sales Letter- Attract new customers boost your sales by Dan Kennedy

5. NO BS Guide to Marketing to leading edge boomers and seniors By Dan Kennedy

6. NO BS Guide to Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy

7. Ask. by Ryan Levesque

8. Influence- The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini Ph.D

10. The Irresistible Offer- How to sell your product or service in 3 seconds or less By Mark Joyner

11. NO BS Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing By Dan Kennedy

12. NO BS Guide To Grassroots Marketing for Local Small Business By Dan Kennedy

13. Contagious- why things catch on – by Jonah Berger

14. Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.

15. Words that Sell- More than 6,000 entries that help you promote your product, services, and ideas. By Richard Bayan

16. Cashvertising- How to use more than 100 secrets of ad agency psychology to make big money

17. Making Ads Pay- Timeless tips for successful copywriting By John Caples

18. How to Write a Good Advertisement – A short course on copywriting by Victor O Schwab



We are all done, except for one last thing.

I want to know;

Can you see now how impactful it could be for your business to have a fully optimized Immersive Marketing Funnel to automate the addition of new leads into your value ladder?

“Well, Yeah Tommy! This Article Was Awesome!”


I have one last question for you….

“Would You Like Me to Create an Immersive Marketing Funnel for You?”

If so, here is what you need to do, right now.

Click Here to fill out a personal 1 on 1 consultation to discuss your Immersive Marketing plan. 

Don’t put this off, because spots are limited!

Here’s what will happen next:

When S&S build a Immersive Marketing System for our clients there is a process deployed with mathematical certainty, not chance.

We do not offer a standard service every social media/website provider who sees an opportunity to make a little extra money is offering.

This is serious marketing for serious business looking to grow, and it’s not for everybody.

Who This is Not For

● Brokers with less than 5 agents.
● Agents w/ average home listings below $300k.
● Agents/Brokers Who Are Short-Term in Thinking.
● Agents/Brokers with Are Not Actively Marketing Daily.

Why Are We So Picky?

Because I Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We don’t work for you; We partner with you, and we only partner with the
businesses we are 100% confident we can get results for.

We couldn’t offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if we took on any Tom, Dick, or Harry who decided to “give it a go” on the back of our Nothing to Lose Guarantee.


If you meet the criteria and are serious about growing your Real Estate business, we would like to offer you a Complimentary Account Review and Strategy Session.

It’s complementary and carries no obligation.

At the end, one of three things will happen.

1. You implement the information.
2. You get somebody else to do it for you.
3. You ask me to do it for you.

Whatever you choose, you’ll get no hard sales from us; it’s not our style.

Just so you know, if you partner with us, the fees range from
$2,500 to $10,000+ but really, it won’t cost you anything.


Because if we can’t save you time or earn at least 2x our fee in new revenue we won’t work with you.

We only work with businesses we can produce an ROI for.

Are there any  other companies that contact you every day that offer a
service like that?

What to Do Right Now.

Fill out the application form, and I’ll be able to review your situation before our chat.

Give us about 2 days to review your account, then we’ll jump on a 45-minute call to review my findings and recommendations.

At the end of the call, if we agree it’s a good fit and you invite us to do so, we’ll talk about working together, and if not, you’re free to use all the finding as you choose.

You literally have nothing to lose.

If you don’t invite us to talk about working together, we won’t even mention it.

That’s our promise.

We look forward to hearing from you,


To Your Success,

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