IMPACT & INFLUENCE Marketing Services

Quick video gives a specific break down of the 2 types of marketing your business needs for scaling revenue with ease and speed.

Reactive Marketing

Objective is to help convert warm / hot leads into customers (10% of your potential buyers)


Don’t let the competition steal revenue from your business.

Our SEO service helps to ensure you are able to serve more customers by becoming more visible, reachable , and available via online search engine optimization (SEO) management. We take a layered approach to SEO, and the results are epic! The fact is each business has a specific customer in the community that is constantly looking for exactly what your business offers, we make sure they see that.


You get 1,000s of visitors to your company’s website and you are not retargeting? WHAT!?

Retargeting, when done right, can help to significantly reduce the cost of acquisition by repurposing reactive and proactive web traffic.

Allow us to boost your interaction, authority, connection, and products via Social Media Retargeting.

WEBSITE Messaging

Don’t get it confused, your website is built for your customer not your company ego.

Our Design process is crafting your brand/service messaging for growth and prosperity because our build out process keeps the customer experience top priority to ensure the right message is designed for the right customer via the right method.

Proactive Marketing

Objective is to connect and convert new audiences through cold traffic marketing
(90% of potential buyers)

Get Attention

Connect with customers instantly and often via social media to generate attention and interest among your target customers.

Social Media Profiles, when done right, can be more valuable that your company website in time due to the proximity and frequency you can get in front of ideal customers.

Channel Desire

Strategically tap into internal desire to have target customers eager to hand over their contact information to learn more about your product and services.

A sales funnel helps to automate this process to lower operational cost while increasing lead flow.

Ask For Action

If you confuse you lose, we make sure that doesn’t happen with clear messaging and website infrastructure that gets your website ranked quickly, guaranteed.

A well constructed company website that ranks for a OCEAN of keywords ensures your company stands out as the clear and obvious choice to do make a buying decision.

Pulling all these resources into a customized sales funnel can enhance all forms of marketing: direct mail, billboard, radio, Tv, Adwords, and Social Media with multi-touch process that builds a relationship with your leads with automation.

A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model and media you use to market to your target audience, but all funnels have the same core elements.

  • 1. Automation of new lead flow for continued business
  • 2. Immersive Content
  • 3. Education Based Marketing
  • 4. Email Marketing
  • 5. Social Media Marketing

Want Us To Build A Customized Sales Funnel For You?